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PASO Colombia (Paz Sostenible para Colombia, translated as, Sustainable Peace for Colombia) is a program of One Earth Future, a U.S. based, self-funded, private operating NGO focused on creating a more peaceful world through collaborative, data-driven initiatives.

PASO Colombia works under the premise that peace is sustainable in the long term when it is weaved into a network of strategic and inclusive collaboration between all social sectors.

The program was launched in Cali in 2015 and it concentrates its efforts in the regions of North Cauca, South Valle del Cauca, and the Paramillo Massif.

What We Do

At PASO Colombia we identify, promote, and support alliances between civil society, public and private sectors, with the purpose of building sustainable peace in Colombia.

  • We promote and generate the conditions for improbable dialogs to take place between key actors that can contribute to peace-building initiatives.
  • We use empirical research and information systems to identify, promote, facilitate and support peacebuilding alliances.

We develop collaboration systems to provide economic opportunities for rural communities that have been affected by the armed conflict, with a participative and territorial-based approach, aimed at the economic, social and environmental sustainability of peace over the long term.