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September 9, 2020

Ex-coca Grower Families Provide Food Security Amid COVID-19

The COOMULSEPAZ Multiactive Women Seeding Peace Cooperative, founded by women participating in the Contingency Plan, is responsible for coordinating activities that will ensure that there will be no shortage of food in Anorí.

September 9, 2020

Poultry Projects as Economic Alternative for Ex-coca Grower Families

The closing phase of the Contingency Plan established poultry projects as legal alternative to coca crops in El Dovio.

mercado ampesino colombia August 13, 2020

Virtual Market Provides Food in the San José del Guaviare During COVID-19.

A Virtual Farmers Market was created as a strategy to face COVID-19 crisis in Colombia countryside.

New Jobs Ex Combatants Colombia Farming Maize July 30, 2020

Fair Trade Agreement Between Ex-combatants and Ex-coca grower Families in Guaviare.

Ex-combatant cooperatives will provide animal feed to ex-coca grower families and will buy their products at fair prices.

Bogota Food Shortages after Covid 19 July 27, 2020

The Rural Alternative School of Pasca Supports Food Provision in Bogotá During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Mobile Peasant Markets gather farmers cooperatives from the Bogotá rurality and the central region of the department, and allow them to offer their products by the Mobile Peasant Market website or an special phone number to call and place the order.