Op-ed: Philanthropy’s Role in the Missing Global Architecture

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Op-ed: Philanthropy’s Role in the Missing Global Architecture

Small scale farming entrepreneur Socorro and her husband gave up growing coca and now focus on pisciculture on their land in San José del Guaviare, Colombia

By Marcel Arsenault, co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman of One Earth Future, an incubator of peace programs around the world, including PASO Colombia. He is also a member of the Giving Pledge, and Founder and CEO of Real Capital Solutions

“The time is right, if not overdue, to move beyond individual plans, policies, and institutions and form a cohesive effort that is global” says Marcel Arsenault. He recently shared an op-ed discussing the promise of the United Nations over the last 75 years and how philanthropy has a role to play in building a global system for designing, implementing and updating a multitude of plans to tackle the world’s most complex and interconnected challenges.

He discusses the case of Socorro, a woman in Colombia who gave up growing coca and became a pisciculture entrepreneur, as an example of how a philanthropist-backed market driven coalition can rebuild communities and contribute to the global fight against transnational organized crime.

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